Welcome to our website

The Peel Regional Aquarium Club (PRAC) is a progressive, non-profit organization whose purpose is to share with our members the many wonders of the best hobby in the world, fish keeping and to promote our hobby in the community.

PRAC started out as the Brampton Aquarium Club in 1971. Since that time it has increased in numbers to what is a well run and successful club today. Membership is only $25 per year for adults and families, and $10 for students.

Our members come not only from the Region of Peel, but also as far away as Collingwood and Huntsville. Anyone can become a member who wishes to share the excitement of fish keeping.

In early 2008, we changed our name from Brampton Aquarium Club to Peel Regional Aquarium Club to better reflect who we are and the community in which we operate.

If you want to find out the latest information on fish keeping or have a problem that needs a solution, come to our meeting and ask the experts. Our friendly environment has attracted many new and experienced hobbyists. We hope that you will be the next member.

Our Motto

Giving back to the community is a PRAC priority. We have set up many aquariums at schools and hospitals. Building enthusiasm about the hobby in youngsters is important to us. As well, we have participated in Pet Shows, promoting fish keeping in the greater community.