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February 17th, 2016

Our Featured Speaker :
Al Ridley on Barbs

Al Ridley is the president & a long time member of the KWAS or Kitchener-Waterloo Aquarium Society & will be presenting the wonderful world of barbs. Looking forward to a very informative talk.
Bowl Show Barbs & other cyprinids

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    Fish Friends from Far and Wide

    Welcome to our newest member, Ashley.
    Most of our Members are from the Region of Peel, Brampton, Caledon, Mississauga, but we also attract hobbyists from as far away as Barrie, Collingwood, Guelph, Huntsville & the GTA. Anyone can become a member who wishes to share in the excitement of fish keeping, whether you're a 'newbie' or a veteran hobbyist.

Welcome to The Peel Regional Aquarium Club or PRAC

This is P R A C , The Peel Regional Aquarium Club , a progressive, non-profit organization open to aquarium hobbyists, active since 1971. Our purpose is to engage our Club Members and to inspire our community in this rewarding Aquarium Hobby. Are you into Freshwater or Saltwater? Perhaps you're into Fish, Shrimp or even Snails? What about Lo or Hi-Tech Planted Tanks? Could you be into Biotype Aquarium Setups?
Our clubs collective experience is our main asset.

A Little Club History

A Fish Club was born in 1971 as The Brampton Aquarium Club. Over the years we've attracted many Aquarium enthusiats from other municipalities such as Caledon & Mississauga and elsewhere. In early 2008, we changed our name to Peel Regional Aquarium Club to better reflect the community around us.

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    If you want to find out the latest information on fish keeping or have a problem that needs a solution, come to our meeting and ask our experts. Our friendly environment has attracted many new & experienced aquarium hobbyists. We hope that you will be the next member.

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    Fish, Aquariums and Our Community

    Giving back to your community is a PRAC priority. We have set up many aquariums in schools & hospitals. Building enthusiasm about the hobby in young people is important to us. As well, we have participated in Pet Shows, promoting fish keeping in the greater community.

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    Watching Fish Swim About

    Whether you're into Salt or Freshwater, watching fish swim around in water is extremely relaxing.

Club Aquarium Meetings

3 comments Green Guppy Male Trio

January Meeting 2016
Speaker Frank Aguirre Topic: Plecos & L numbers

Frank's talk started with a very special thank you to the late Peter Orphanos (past Brampton Aquarium Club president), a man whom inspired Frank & many others. Frank's presentation dealt with a general overview of the different loricarids species of importance to the aquarium hobby, making special remarks on ecology and reproduction. Originated in Germany, the L classification helps to give some sense to collectors and hobbyists alike, putting some order to the complex loricarids group.
Bowl Show : Plecos & L numbers

Bowl Show Results, Jan 2016 Plecos & Loricarids
1st Place Scott Vanderfleet, Bristle Nose Brown Pleco
2nd Place Scott Vanderfleet, L-201 Inspector Pleco
3rd Place Scott Vanderfleet, Red Lizard Whiptail

November Meeting 2015
Speaker: Morgan Ruttle Topic: The Betta Fish

Morgan Ruttle's awesome presentation focused on Betta care, breeding & rearing the tiny fry of this beautiful & captivating fish. She is currently an active member of Betta Breeders Canada, International Betta Congress & our club, PRAC. As a young child, Morgan caught the 'betta bug' at an early age and continues to keep Bettas to this day. At the moment, Morgan's efforts are in keeping & breeding many Plakat Bettas, as well as a thriving community tank. Morgan currently hopes to become one of Canada's first IBC judges in the near future.

Our Bowl Show Betta Fish.

Bowl Show Results, Nov 2015 Betta
1st Place Ashley Rezka, Pastel Long-Fin male
2nd Place Anne Daniels, Dumbo Ear Half-Moon Salamander female
3rd Place Ashley Rezka, Marble Plakat male

October Meeting, 2015 — Dwarf Cichlid Biotopes, Care & Breeding

Jessica Bullock's passionate presentation covered biotope aquaria, water chemistry, tankmates and breeding. Jessica discussed the diversity of common & not so common genera of dwarf cichlids available in the hobby today. She has been keeping fish for more than 20 years and joined the HDAS, Hamilton & District Aquarium Society in 1998. She is currently the club's Newsletter & Exchange Editor. She caught the cichlid bug early after collecting in the Peruvian Amazon as a teenager. Jessica has focused on discus and apistogramma for years and currently keeps primarily South American & Tanganyikan cichlids.

Bowl Show Results, Oct 2015 Cichlid
1st Place Savannah Atha, Amatitlania nigrofasciatus or Convict
2nd Place Scott Vanderfleet, Rondonacara hoehnei
3rd Place No entry

September Meeting, 2015 — IFGA Guppy Breeding & Showing

Nancy Egelton's talk was on IFGA Standards & how to grow amazing show guppies. It was a packed house! Nancy is a great ambassador for the Guppy Hobby and travels all over to promote her beloved fish. She's recently back from the 18th WGC World Guppy Contest in Tampa Florida with a 3rd Prize for her green deltas. Great achievement Nancy!
Many accomplishments for Nancy include being an I.F.G.A. Certified Judge, a World Guppy Association supporter, faithful member of C.A.O.A.C. and Michigan Guppy Breeders, and also member at large & past president of the LAS or London Aquarium Society.
September also welcomed our new executive. We also had a few new members join at the meeting.

Bowl Show Results, Sept 2015 Guppy
1st Place Anne Daniels, Double Sword Guppy Male
2nd Place Scott Vanderfleet, RREA Albino Red Delta tail Male
3rd Place Scott Vanderfleet, Blue Glass Delta tail Male

July 2015 *Members ONLY* Summer BBQ

Our annual BBQ was held at our new president's home this year. What a beautiful hot and sunny summer day it turned out to be. We all hung out in the lush, tropical back-garden on the patio overlooking the pool. For the lucky one's that brought bathing suits, as rumour had it, there was a pool. Everyone had a great time talking, relaxing, eating & enjoying nature. Other events included a tour of Scott's fish-room, 'Guess The Fish' & a few club updates.

June 2015 Meeting — Club Executive Elections

We have a new executive for the upcoming year! Starting with the Sept 2015 meeting your new executive is: Pres > Scott Vanderfleet, VP > Tim Antler, Secretary > Anne Daniels, Treasurer > Morgan Ruttle. Welcome! Thank you to the outgoing executive who have worked hard to put our club in the best position its been in years; with increased membership, finances & fun! We had a great Mini Auction with a lot of donations from a long standing member, Debbie. 'Guess The Fish' were a rainbow shark & bumblebee platies won by Andrew & Anne respectively, with monies donated back to the club. Thank you everyone & hope to see you all at the Summer BBQ

Bowl Show Results, June 2015 Open Class
1st Place Glen Smith, Red Grass Guppy
2nd Place Denise Antler, Black Dragon Betta
3rd Place Glen Smith, Fundulopanchax amieti

May 2015 Meeting — Election Nominations, "Ask The Experts" & "Show & Tell"

Nominations were accepted for all executive positions. We will also be accepting more nominations at the June meeting, before the Elections begin. The positions are: President, Vice-President, Treasurer & Secretary. A few noteworthy items were brought in by some longtime members.

Bowl Show Results, May 2015 Invertebrates
No entries

April 2015 Meeting — Live Food Collecting Discussion

A great presentation on Live Foods, including Culturing & collecting by Haydn Pounder, our April Speaker & President of our club. Hadyn has been keeping tropical fish for over 30 years. His vast knowledge & many talents in the hobby are a great asset to our club. The Peel Regional Aquarium Club hosts a club field trip open to all members for Collecting Live Foods during the month of April. This is the best time of year to forage for live foods in the still waters located right here in Peel region. What type of live foods are available to us right in our own backyard? Glassworms, Mosquito Larvae, Fairy Shrimp, Daphnia & more. Would you like to see Photos of Last Year's Live Food Collecting Trip on the PRAC Facebook Page?

Bowl Show Results, April 2015 Tetra
1st Place Scott Vanderfleet, Phenacongrammus interrutpus - Albino Congo Tetra
2nd Place no entry
3rd Place no entry

March 2015 Meeting — Shrimp Keeping

The Peel Regional Aquarium Club proudly presented Tommy Lam , our March Guest Speaker. Tommy is presently the proprietor at Shrimp Fever & the unofficial expert on freshwater shrimps & invertebrates in the GTA. Shrimp Fever was a very generous sponsor of our Fall Auction last year.

Bowl Show Results, March 2015 Guppy
1st Place Scott Vanderfleet, Delta tail Male
2nd Place Scott Vanderfleet, Delta tail Male
3rd Place Scott Vanderfleet, Blue Female

Feb 2015 Meeting — Amphibious Killi? Fish out of water?

The Peel Regional Aquarium Club proudly presented Andy Turco , our February Guest Speaker. Andy is presently a PhD student at the University of Guelph and is focusing his studies on the Mangrove Rivulus, Kryptolebias marmoratus. He also holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Animal Physiology and a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Marine and Freshwater Biology. Andy has also authored several publications on Killifish. Andy's talk focused on the Mangrove Rivulus. Wow! Did you know this fish is amphibious and spends up to 80% of its entire life out of water? This was a very informative presentation. Again, a great turnout by members.

Bowl Show Results, Feb 2015 Killifish, Rivulus
1st Place Scott Vanderfleet, Fundulopanchax walkeri Kutunse GH2/74
2nd Place Hayden Pounder, Chromaphyosemion bitaeniatum ijebu ode
3rd Place Hayden Pounder, Chromaphyosemion poliaki bolifamba

Jan 2015 Meeting — Rainbowfish, Really Easy Care?

A colourful presentation by Dave Pauls at our Jan 21st PRAC fish club meeting. Dave is an active Rainbowfish breeder right here in Ontario. He also has a great Facebook Group , RainbowFish Aquarium. Very anticipated & impressive talk with a great slide show. Amazing turnout by club members. We also had 3 new visitors, whom all joined the club! Thanks for a great night Dave. Lol

Bowl Show Results, Jan 2015 Swordtail / Platy / Molly
1st Place Scott Vanderfleet, Xiphophorus nezahualcoyotl a.k.a. Nezzy Swordtail
2nd Place Scott Vanderfleet, X. helleri lyre tail Swordtail
3rd Place Scott Vanderfleet, X. helleri 'Pineapple' Swordtail

Nov 2014 Meeting — Costa Rica Fish Collecting & More

Tom Mason gave us a great presentation on his expeditions into Costa Rica. He has found or collected many varieties of fish, birds, plants, reptiles & other animals.
Bio: Tom has worked in zoos for more than 30 years. 20+ years at Toronto Zoo. Traveled and collected on 5 continents. Lead tours for fish and reptile enthusiasts to Costa Rica. Worked on three recovery teams for Ontario endangered species. Have bred over 50 species of reptiles and amphibians. Worked on conservation projects in Cuba and Costa Rica.

Bowl Show Results, Nov 2014 CICHLIDS
No Entries.

Oct 2014 Meeting — Pre–Auction

Members had a chance to see the inner workings of the, which we will use for The PRAC Annual Auction Nov 2, 2014. We used this auction system for our meeting mini auction & it worked like a charm.

Bowl Show Results, Oct 2014 PLECOSTOMUS
1st Place Denise Antler, Hypostomus plecostomus.
2nd Place Scott Vanderfleet, L144 Ancistrus Blue-Eyed.
3rd Place Scott Vanderfleet, Long–Fin Green Dragon.

Sept 2014 Meeting — Lo-Tech vs. Hi-Tech Planted Tanks

We had an awesome Guest Speaker at the meeting on Sept 17, 2014, Kirk Gibson, who talked & shared with our club member attendees a keynote presentation on the Pros & Cons of Lo and Hi-Tech Planted Tanks. He showed us the products & plants available & necessary for each and did comparative studies on them. Great job Kirk! Thank you.
Bio: Kirk Gibson is a member with PRAC & has successfully grown & propagated 100+ species of aquatic plants, & has over 25 species of Cryptocorynes. Kirk also maintains an active blog at Toronto Plant Man.

Bowl Show Results, Sept 2014 PLANTS
1st Place Hayden Pounder for his spotless (no algae anywhere!) Bolbitis heudelotii fern.
2nd Place Scott Vanderfleet for his Microsorum Pteropus sp. 'Trident' fern.