Peel Regional Aquarium Club Fish Show & Shrimp Competition – TBA generally held 1st Sunday in November

Peel Regional Aquarium Club

2017 Fall Show Classes

BBC Betta Breeders of Canada – Local Show Class List

Division A: Longfin Halfmoon Singletail Betta

  1. A1. Longfin Halfmoon Singletail Male
  2. A2. Longfin Halfmoon Singletail Female

Division B: All Other Varieties ( AOV ) Crowntails, Vail Tails, Double Tails, Giants & Dumbo Betta

  1. B1. AOV Male or Female

Division C: Shortfin Singletail Betta

  1. C1. Shortfin Male
  2. C2. Shortfin Female

Total Classes: 5
*This show makes no distinction between people showing bought or self-bred fish. All betta fish are welcome *

Betta Show Details

Trans Canada Guppy Group
– Show Class List

Delta Tail Guppy

  1. AG1. Male
  2. AG2. Female

Swordtail Guppy, All Styles

  1. BG1. Male

All Guppy Varieties - Delta, Sword or WGA

  1. CG1. Pairs

World Guppy Association ( WGA ) Style

  1. DG1. Male

Total Classes: 5

Guppy Show Details

SOKS Southern Ontario Killifish Society
– Show Class List

Killifish Classes

  1. AK1. Aphyosemion
  2. AK2. Fundulopanchax
  3. AK3. Killifish, All Other Varieties ( AOV )

Total Classes: 3

Killifish Show Details

Shrimp Competition
Shrimpsters Group – Show Class List

Neocaridina Shrimp Class

  1. AS1. Rili Type
  2. AS2. All Other Varieties ( AOV )

Caridina Shrimp Class

  1. BS1. Crystal Red
  2. BS2. Crystal Black
  3. BS3. Taiwan Bee
  4. BS4. Tiger

Total Classes: 6

Shrimp Competition Details

PRAC 2016 Show Rules & Downloadable Sheets

PRAC Specialty Fish / Shrimp Show Rules:

PRAC 2016 General Show Rules pdf

PRAC 2016 Show Entry Form.pdf

PRAC 2016 ShowTags.pdf

PRAC 2016 ShowTags.docx
  1. On Sunday Nov 6th, 2016, PRAC Fish Show will be open to the public & all Aquarium Enthusiasts.
  2. PRAC is inviting Specialty Clubs / Organizations to host & judge the show.
    The Clubs are:
    1. Southern Ontario Killifish Society S.O.K.S.
    2. Trans Canada Guppy Group
    3. Betta Breeders of Canada
    4. ShrimpFever
  3. Anyone is eligible to enter any number of fish/shrimp. You need not be a member of an Aquarium club.
  4. Registration opens 8:00am & all fish/shrimp must be registered by 9:45am.
  5. Entrants must provide their own clear container (with the required one flat side & a cover which can be removed for judging) and water for each entry in show. We will also post the winners on our website
  6. We will announce when the Show opens for public viewing, after 1:00 pm or when judging is complete.
  7. Get your Fish & Shrimp ready for a Fantastic Aquarium Show with 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prize in each Class & Best of Show for each Category
  8. General Show Rules in the blue bars. Please also refer to each Club's Own rules in the blue bars above.


Where is the PRAC Aquarium Auction, Fish Show & Shrimp Competition?


This Year's 2016 PRAC Auction & Aquarium Show will be held at :
The Bramalea Lions Hall
45 Avondale Blvd, Brampton, ON L6T 1H1
just north of Steeles, off Bramalea Rd &
(close to Finatics Aquarium Shop)

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