Peel Regional Aquarium Club Presents …

Dinner, Talk & Awards Ceremony – Saturday, June 10, 2017

African Lakes and Rivers: The Cichlid Killie Crossover – Lessons From The Habitat.

Gary Elson is a Montreal Aquarist and writer, currently celebrating his fiftieth year in this fantastic hobby. Gary has authored 3 books on aquarium fish and has published more then a 120 articles in several different countries and languages. If it swims (or just sits near water) it interests him. His main fish are killifish, West African cichlids, tetras, rainbows & wild type livebearers.

Itinerary for the Evening

  1. 6:30 pm   Cocktails
  2. 7:00 pm   Sit-down Dinner with Awards presented during dessert
  3. 8:00 pm   Talk Featuring Gary Elson
  4. 9:30 pm   Specialty Auction held after The Dinner / Talk

Specialty Auction - Partial List of What's Coming
Gary Elson will be providing some 'Rare' Cichlids & Killifish

  1. Priapichthys nigroventralis
  2. Aphyosemion ottogartneri (F-1)
  3. Aphyosemion biteniatum Lagos Red
  4. Pelvicachromis kribensis Moliwe (F-1)
  5. Pseudocrenilabrus sp. Lake Mweru (F-1, first ever importation)
  6. Aphyosemion exigoideum
  7. Possibly more !

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Thank You for Purchasing Tickets. This Event is SOLD OUT Tickets were $45 each, available [cash only] at:
VANDERFLEET Flowers in Humbertown Shopping Centre, Etobicoke, 270 The Kingsway – Phone 416-234-0550

NOW SOLD OUT ! Tickets were also available at the Local GTA Aquarium Auctions from a PRAC Rep [cash only]:
Sunday April 2, 2017 B.R.A.S.S. Barrie Region Aquarium Society of Simcoe — Sunday April 9, 2017 DRAS Durham Region Aquarium Society — Sunday May 7, 2017 LAS London Aquaria Society — May 19-21, 2017 Aquatic Expo 2017 in Burlington by HDAS

Where is the PRAC
Dinner, Talk & Awards Ceremony?

The 2017 PRAC Dinner, Talk & Awards Ceremony will be held at :
The Bramalea Lions Hall
45 Avondale Blvd, Brampton, ON L6T 1H1
North of Steeles, off Bramalea Rd &
(close to Finatics Aquarium Shop)

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