Peel Regional Aquarium Club Presents …

Josh Cunningham Fish Talk, Dinner & Awards Ceremony – Saturday, June 15, 2019

PRAC 3rd Annual Gala Dinner Presenting Josh Cunningham's Talk on Breeding African Rift Lake Cichlids

Itinerary for the Evening

  1. 6:30 pm   Cocktails
  2. 7:00 pm   Sit–down Dinner
  3. 7:30–45 pm   Annual Awards Presentation & Dessert
  4. 8:00 pm   Talk Featuring Josh Cunningham
  5. 9:30 pm   Specialty Auction held after The Dinner / Talk ( Products provided by club &/or Speaker. We will try to provide a list as they become available)

Bio: Josh Cunningham has been keeping & breeding African Cichlids for 20+ years. He started with African Cichlids from Lake Malawi & Lake Victoria in a 400sq ft basement. During this time, he was mainly breeding 4-5 kinds of cichlids & trading fry back to the pet shop for food & filter media. Josh Cunningham dinner talk on JUNE 15, 2019 He then made a decision to move into a bigger house. Without cichlids for a couple of years he grew antsy & acquired a 55g tank, set it up, stocked it & then, BANG! Multiple tank syndrome kicked in again. At this point, he decided a fishroom in the basement was in order. Designs were made, tanks & fish purchased. A 'Fishaholic' was born again! His fishroom today has 94 tanks from 15g-180g & in total is over 5,000 gallons.
To date Josh has spawned over 140+ kinds of African Cichlids from all 3 rift lakes. He has achieved master breeder status in the Michigan Cichlid Association & Ohio Cichlid Association. He was also named Grand Champion breeder of the American Cichlid Association in 2015 for most spawns in a year. He spends his time in the fishroom doing water changes, tank maintenance & working with different species. In addition, he also runs a business called Cunningham Cichlids & can also be found on
Josh served 4 years on the Michigan Cichlid Association BoD (Board of Directors), President for 3 years & Co-Chairmen of the 2017 American Cichlid Association Convention on July 13-16 in Novi, Michigan. Also on the BoD for the OCA Ohio Cichlid Association for 2 years & now serves on the BoD for the ACA American Cichlid Association & is also Data Coordinator for the CARES Fish Preservation Program

Tickets are $45 - includes sit down dinner, choice of meal (roasted chicken, pork tenderloin or vegetarian option), Talk & access to mini auction (of special items that Josh will be bringing ! )

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Josh Cunningham Event - June 15, 2019
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Available at a few Vendor Supporters such as
VANDERFLEET Flowers in Etobicoke at Humbertown Shopping Centre, 270 The Kingsway – Phone 416-234-0550


Where is the PRAC
Dinner, Talk & Awards Ceremony?

The 2019 PRAC Dinner, Talk & Awards Ceremony will be held at :
The Bramalea Lions Hall
45 Avondale Blvd, Brampton, ON L6T 1H1
North of Steeles, off Bramalea Rd &
(close to Finatics Aquarium Shop)

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