Next Meeting:
Wed, Jan 18, 2023, 7:00pm
Speaker: AquaMalik & FishEZ
Topic : MEGA Fish room tour

We kindly invite you to enjoy a tour of a 150+ Fish House tour where Angels, Discus, Rams and Plecos abound in every corner. Come exchange ideas and enjoy the tour.


Peel Regional Aquarium Club


Membership dues are now due for the 2022-2023 season. Bring cash or etransfer us. We are excited to reunite with old friends and meet new ones: $25 per individual or household or $10 for virtual only members. We look forward to continued hybrid meetings but invite those who can, in person as we welcome back meeting mini auctions and bowl shows! Bring out those guppies!

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Current Club Events:

Sep 21, 2022 Club Meeting 7PM
-PRAC Club Members Presents
Oct 19, 2022 Club Meeting 7PM
Nov 16, 2022 Club Meeting 7PM
-Royal Ontario Museum
Dec 14, 2022 Club Meeting 7PM
-Pot Luck Celebration
Jan 18, 2023 Club Meeting 7PM
-Fish House Tour
Feb 15, 2023 Club Meeting 7PM
Mar 15, 2023 Club Meeting 7PM
Apr 19, 2023 Club Meeting 7PM
May 17, 2023 Club Meeting 7PM
Jun 21, 2023 Club Meeting 7PM
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    Welcome to The Peel Regional Aquarium Club or PRAC

    This is P R A C , The Peel Regional Aquarium Club , a progressive, non-profit organization open to aquarium hobbyists, active since 1971. Our purpose is to engage our Club Members and to inspire our community in this rewarding Aquarium Hobby. Are you into Freshwater or Saltwater? Perhaps you're into Fish, Shrimp or even Snails? What about Lo or Hi-Tech Planted Tanks? Could you be into Biotope Aquarium Setups?
    Our clubs collective experience is our main asset.

    A Little Club History

    A Fish Club was born in 1971 as The Brampton Aquarium Club. Over the years we've attracted many Aquarium enthusiasts from other municipalities such as Caledon & Mississauga and elsewhere. In early 2008, we changed our name to Peel Regional Aquarium Club to better reflect the community around us.

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      Get Expert Fish Advise

      If you want to find out the latest information on fish keeping or have a problem that needs a solution, come to our meeting and ask our experts. Our friendly environment has attracted many new & experienced aquarium hobbyists. We hope that you will be the next member.

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      Fish, Aquariums and Our Community

      Giving back to your community is a PRAC priority. We have set up many aquariums in schools & hospitals. Building enthusiasm about the hobby in young people is important to us. As well, we have participated in Pet Shows, promoting fish keeping in the greater community.

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      Watching Fish Swim About

      Whether you're into Salt or Freshwater, watching fish swim around in water is extremely relaxing.