Peel Regional Aquarium Club – Next Meeting is Wed Feb 20, 2019, 7:00pm

Peter's presentation, ' Ghana Collecting Adventure ' will take us through his amazing expedition this past November 2018 to the West African country of Ghana, and its rich diversity of fish species. PRAC February 20, 2019 speaker, Peter DeSouza on Ghana Collecting Adventure
Bio:  Peter DeSouza has always had a love for all things living.  Even from an early age his aquariums were filled with breeding livebearers & spawning cichlids. His anxious parents couldn't wait to see what he brought into the basement next! In University Peter's interests turned to the new Lake Malawi African cichlids which were just hitting the scene at the time. Before getting married he got into Killifish, spawning & raising fundulopanchax sjoestedti aka ' Blue Gularis '. Then he left the fish hobby behind! Eeeeeee! In 2002 after accepting a job in Edmonton, he decided to raise killifish again & starting with a few small tanks (Sure just a few!). However, as a good friend once told him, "Breeding fish is easy, stopping tanks from multiplying, that's the challenge". Today his fishroom contains 60 tanks or so, in various sizes filled mostly with Killifish & Bettas. He has raised & spawned most aquarium fish groups but has a preference for the genus Fundulopanchax, particularly sjoestedti, the Blue Gularis, and more recently show type Bettas. He is presently a member of HDAS Hamilton & District Aquarium Society, SOKS Southern Ontario Killifish Association, BBC Betta Breeders of Canada, IBC International Betta Congress, AKA American Killifish Association & a past member of ACE Aquarium Club of Edmonton & CAS Calgary Aquarium Society

**Venue Change for all meetings Effective Jan2019**
Meetings at Cassie Campbell Community Centre, Rm 3 (by Main/Police Entrance off Sandalwood)

When are PRAC aquarium club meetings held?

Peel aquarium club meetings are generally held every 3rd Wednesday of each month(December 2nd Wed.). We have a total of ten monthly meetings a year, with the first meeting held in September and the last in June where we hold our elections for the upcoming year. PRAC also hosts the GTA's Largest Annual Aquarium Fish Auction usually in the first week of November. See the chart below for upcoming club meeting dates, topics & events.

Date Topic - Event Speaker Bowl Show 1 Bowl Show 2
Sep 21-2018 Photographing Your Fish Zenin Skomorowski Guppy Open Class*
Oct 17-2018 Dwarf Cichlid Biotopes, Care & Breeding Jessica Bullock Killifish Open Class*
Oct 28-2018 PRAC Auction & Show Held Annually Betta, Guppy, Killifish Specialty Show
Nov 21-2018 Killifish & The Red Dace Dr. Andy Turko, PhD Plants Open Class*
Dec 12-2018 Christmas Party-RSVP - Planted Tank Mike Davies Invertebrate Open Class*
Jan 16-2019 Frank Aguirre Biotope Aquarium Habitats Characins Open Class*
Feb 20-2019 Cichlid Open Class*
Mar 20-2019 Cyprinids Open Class*
Apr 17-2019 Betta Open Class*
May 15-2019 Catfish Open Class*
Jun 8-2019 Annual PRAC Dinner / Talk Guest Speaker Tba
Jun 19-2019 Club Elections tba Swordtail Platy Molly Open Class*
Summer -2019 Member BBQ

*Any Aquatic Fish / Invertebrate / Plant type

Want to see more results from previous years? Past Meetings / Show Results

Hope to see you out at our next meeting!

What happens at a PRAC Aquarium Club Meeting ?

Club Meetings consist of a speaker or other presentation, information about aquarium events, a social break, a bowl show, club affairs & our much anticipated monthly Mini - Auction. There is sometimes a sales table with great bargains and we feature prizes & raffles regularly. The December meeting is a family Christmas Social. We also encourage member events, from time to time, such as trips or tours to Members Fish Rooms, Buffalo, N.Y. or Local Fish Stores, Toronto Zoo or possibly the New Ripley's Aquarium in Downtown Toronto.

Monthly Meeting Mini - Auction

Members can bring any surplus fish, invertebrates, plants, tanks, equipment, books or other aquarium related items to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. All live items must be in good health & all used equipment must be in working order. PRAC club will retain a $1 fee per item auctioned off & the remainder will go to the selling member. So, if your item goes for $20, then you get $19 & the club gets $1. And likewise, if your item sells for $3 you get $2 & the club $1. Auction Rules are similar to Our Annual Auction, except a little more casual with no pre-registration required. We may occasionally use the system from time to time.

Auction Rules       My Group Auctions Website      

Our Elections are held each & every year at our June meeting where all members have a chance to vote for the Executive positions in the PRAC Aquarium Club. Nominations for the executive positions are accepted starting at our May meeting.

Non-Members & Guests are encouraged to come to any our meetings. And, of course, first meeting is free. Come on your own, with a friend or a group & see how great it is to join with other like minded Aquarium Hobbyists. Membership is open to all Aquarium Enthusiasts and Hobbyists in the Greater Toronto Area or GTA, Golden Horseshoe or even abroad. Our members are not only from the Region of Peel (including, Brampton, Caledon, Mississauga), but also as far away as Barrie, Collingwood, Huntsville & the GTA. Anyone can become a member who wishes to share the excitement of fish keeping and the aquarium hobby.

Our biggest event of the year is our Annual Auction which attracts fish hobbyists, both buyers & sellers, from far away as Montreal. All are welcome at our Annual Giant Aquarium Auction held in Early November.

PRAC Club - Monthly Bowl Fish Show Results 2018-2019

Date 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Sept 2018 -
People's Choice
Oct 2018 -
People's Choice
Nov 2018 -
Aquatic Plant
Eriocaulon King Crimson, Scott Vanderfleet Utricularia graminifolia, Scott Vanderfleet Java Fern, Kristina Mikloska
Open Top Sword Gold Lace Guppy, Scott Vanderfleet Lyretail Swordfish, Ranji Mahibar
People's Choice Top Sword Gold Lace Guppy, Scott Vanderfleet
Dec 2018 -
People's Choice
Jan 2019 - Characins
People's Choice
Feb 2019 - Cichlid
People's Choice
Mar 2019 -
People's Choice
Apr 2019 -
People's Choice
May 2019 -
People's Choice
June 2019 -
Swordtail Platy Molly
People's Choice

PRAC Past Meetings / Show Results Want to see more results from previous years?

Hope to see you out at our next meeting!

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Where are PRAC Club Meetings?

*** MEETING VENUE CHANGED Effective JAN, 2019 ***

Cassie Campbell Community Centre
1050 Sandalwood Parkway West (at Chinguacousy Road)
Brampton, ON Canada L7A 0K9

Room 3 (by Main Door Entrance off Sandalwood)

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When are PRAC Club Meetings?

Our Aquarium Club Meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm. However, depending on availability it may sometimes change - please see above schedule for confirmed dates for 2018-2019

PRAC … Aquarium Club Membership Benefits:

• Great Speakers & Presentations at Meetings
• Fish Room Tours & Annual BBQ
• Member arranged trips to Aquatic Shops, Zoo, Conventions etc.
• Monthly 'Mini Auctions'
• Bowl Shows (bring your best fish to show)
• Preferred Pricing at LFS's (Local Fish Stores)

PRAC … Aquarium Club Membership Fees:

• $ 25 individual / $ 30 family
• Join anytime, at any meeting.

PRAC … Aquarium Club Guests & Non-Members:

• Guests & Non-Members always welcome, anytime
• 1st meeting is FREE
• $5ea meeting thereafter or join PRAC Club
• Great Value for quality speakers!

PRAC … A Little Club History:

A Fish Club was born in 1970 / 71 as The Brampton Aquarium Club. Over the years we've attracted many Aquarium enthusiats from other municipalities such as Caledon, Mississauga, Etobicoke & elsewhere.

In early 2008, we changed our name from Brampton Aquarium Club to Peel Regional Aquarium Club to better reflect who we are and the community in which we meet.

Most of our Aquarium Club members are from the Region of Peel, Brampton, Caledon, Mississauga, but we also attract member hobbyists from as far away as Barrie, Collingwood, Guelph, Huntsville & even Toronto. Anyone can become a member who wishes to share in the excitement of fish keeping, Whether you're a 'newbie' or a veteran hobbyist.

Got A Fish Question?

If you want to find out the latest information on fish keeping or have a problem that needs a solution, come to our meeting and ask the experts. Our friendly environment has attracted many new & experienced aquarium hobbyists. We hope you may be our next member.